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Top Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cell Tower Construction Location

Cell tower companies are always in search of suitable lands to construct the cell towers to boost their communication infrastructure. Cell tower companies look into particular factors before entering into agreement with property owner to construct a cell tower on his land. A search ring is a chosen area by the cell tower company that shows where they need to place the cell tower. The cell tower company looks in various factors before selecting an ideal land for cell tower and the land must be within the search ring, it should have favorable topography, adequate population density of the area and various policies and regulation in the area. If your land is in the search ring, then it has passed the first step and it now proceeds to further evaluation for suitability of the land to the company’s requirements. Here are some of the things that they tend to look into.

Adequate available vacant land – The land should meet the size requirements for the cell tower company. Additionally, the land should have adequate size for the erection of the cell tower. An area of land of approximately 1000 square feet would be adequate for the undertaking. It is only in exceptional situations that the companies would use an area of land below 1000 square feet because they usually make an allowance for subtenants.

Cost of construction – Just like any other business entity, cell tower companies would want to minimize their construction costs and thus, they would prefer a land that would facilitate easy and cheap construction. The placement of cell tower is a costly activity and thus, the company will try to find out ways to minimize the costs. Some of the things that might increase the cost of constructing the cell tower are; difficulty to access the site and the area might be prone to natural calamities such as floods.

Site accessibility – After the cell tower construction at a particular site, the cell tower company might want to do routine checks and maintenance of the tower. Nearness to public road is crucial as the company will not have to use other expensive alternatives to get to the site. It might call for construction of a road to access the site and that would be an additional expense that the cell tower company would want to avoid.

Topography – Many people think that having a property at the highest point of the region puts them in a good position for placement of cell towers. It would not be viable to construct the cell tower at an elevated place outside the search ring and the construction expenses are high. Further the cell tower company can make up for elevation by increasing the height of the tower appropriately.

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